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DAVIDsTEA Product Sampling Campaign


This case study highlights the success of The Workplace Present’s product sampling campaign for DAVIDsTEA. By strategically targeting offices with a high concentration of health-conscious individuals aged 25-45/50, predominantly female with good disposable income, the campaign effectively reached the desired demographic. The distribution of 50,000 samples and leaflets in Toronto and Montreal resulted in outstanding consumer engagement and a significant propensity to purchase.

Targeting Strategy

The Workplace Present utilised a data-driven approach to identify offices with the highest density of the target demographic. By focusing on workplaces, where individuals spend a considerable amount of time, the campaign maximized exposure to the intended audience. The use of bilingual marketing communications in English and French ensured effective communication with participants, fostering a connection with the target demographic.

Key Campaign Metrics

  1. Consumer Engagement Rate: The campaign achieved an impressive 17.94% consumer engagement rate, with 8,971 questionnaires completed. This statistic highlights the high level of interest and active participation generated by the sampling campaign.
  2. Propensity to Purchase: An outstanding 86% of campaign participants, amounting to 7,715 individuals, expressed their interest in purchasing DAVIDsTEA products, after 71% stated they had not heard of the DAVIDsTEA brand before. This demonstrates the campaign’s effectiveness in capturing the attention and desire of the target audience.
  3. Potential Sales Revenue: With an average price point of $9 for a box of 15 sachets, if all 7,715 participants who expressed their intent to purchase follow through, the campaign could potentially generate $70,000 in sales for DAVIDsTEA. This promising figure showcases the tangible impact of the sampling campaign on the client’s bottom line.


Key Statistics

All the facts

50,000 Consumers Reached
8,971 Completed Questionnaires
86% Purchase Intent

Benefits of Product Sampling in Offices

  1. High Consumer Engagement: The Workplace Present’s campaign effectively engaged the target audience by providing samples and gathering valuable feedback through questionnaires. By physically placing the product in the hands of potential customers, the campaign created a personal and memorable experience.
  2. Targeted Reach: By focusing on offices populated by health-conscious individuals with good disposable income, the campaign ensured that the samples were distributed to a receptive audience. This approach maximized the chances of generating interest and potential sales.
  3. Brand Awareness and Trial: By introducing DAVIDsTEA to the workplace environment, the campaign successfully increased brand awareness among the target demographic. The act of sampling tea bags allowed potential customers to experience the product firsthand, encouraging trial and potentially converting them into loyal customers.


The Workplace Present’s product sampling campaign for DAVIDsTEA proved to be highly successful, achieving exceptional consumer engagement, an overwhelming propensity to purchase, and the potential for significant sales revenue. By effectively targeting offices with a high density of health-conscious individuals, the campaign maximized reach and impact. The results highlight the importance and benefits of product sampling in the workplace, including increased brand awareness, trial opportunities, and the potential to convert interested consumers into paying customers. The collaboration between The Workplace Present and DAVIDsTEA stands as a prime example of a positive and impactful product sampling campaign.

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